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One Page Solutions & Marketing provides a wide variety of real estate services since October 2021 to our clients specially our beloved investors. We specialize in customized property management services and successfully adapt in this ever-changing real estate market.


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Pakistan is an underdeveloped country that is in the development phase, and because of that people are facing high inflation. Prices of things are increasing more and more, day by day. So saving money is not a good option because it will be devalued in some time. So what should you do with Real Estate Agency in Karachi?

Investment at the right time and on the right things can save you from all of that because it ensures your present and future financial security. It will make your wealth grow, and you will get inflation-beating returns. It can help you make yourself financially strong and you can also invest that money in other things.

There are many investment options like gold, fixed deposit, or Real Estate Agency. You can invest in any of them but the best option is real estate. The risk in investing in real estate is negligible, and the profits are maximum. When you buy a property you can use it or rent it out too, which will be more profitable to you, and the property will appreciate too in the meantime.

So how can you invest in real estate in Pakistan? First, we have to look at the two types of real estate investment. The first one is buying a property and waiting for its price to go up and then selling, and the second one is to buy a property and rent it out. Both are respectively profitable but most people choose to rent out after buying a property.

There are some risks in buying property but you can avoid them, here’s a brief guide on how to make a real estate investment in Pakistan:


When you are considering buying a property you have to determine two things whether you will sell it after some time or rent it out. You have to consider your financial strength to buy a property from a One Page Marketing Real Estate Agency.

Once you have done checking your accounts, you can move to the next step which is research. You now have to check whether the property you are buying fits you or not, does it comes with all the relevant regulatory approvals or not, and for a better understanding, you can ask some real estate agents about the property in your chosen area.


 Once you are done with all of that you can proceed to buy the property, just Keep all legal considerations in your mind. Also, get all the relevant transfer and sales deeds checked by a lawyer for your safety.